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We have gained experience from operating in multiple industries and bring to the table our varied expertise along with a collective motivation to deliver fantastic service quality.

Unlike most service providers in our industry, we don't choose to operate along the “factory” method, which implies automating most processes and creating a “Cookie Cutter” business model where customers are provided a largely homogenous service for a standard price. 

We pick top skilled individuals from HR positions (present and former) and a number of industries so that they are on point, both with regard to the technical, as well are “hireability” aspects of the resumes they produce. Again, this is directly opposite of the factory method that most of the service providers out there use.

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Our free resume maker has thousands of pre-written bullet points for you to select from - 50,000 in fact! Whatever your industry is, our simple ‘point and click’ job description selector makes it completely effortless to create a professional resume tailored to your professional needs.

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