We are sure by now that we don't have to explain the importance of 'tailoring' your CV/Resume to match the job description and requirements each and EVERY time you apply for a job! It's SO IMPORTANT! But how do you create a Professional looking CV/Resume in the first place?

Visual CV is the answer. Choose from a wide range of CV/Resume templates, then create your 'Master CV/Resume'. You can then edit your CV/Resume multiple times depending upon your chosen job advert. Simple!

Stunning, professionally designed CV/Resume templates are readilly available and have been 'Approved' by some of the largest Companies in the World!

Visual CV have a special 'Student CV/Resume Builder' to help maximise the chances of getting an interview with the limited amount of work experience coupled with the vast amount of recent learing and qualifications that you may have.!

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When it comes to getting a Professional CV/Resume, there are only two ways of getting one.

Employing the services of a Professional CV/Resume Writer - or - Creating one yourself using a Professional CV/Resume Template

Applying for a job shouldn't be taken lightly. There are certain protocols that are widely accepted by Employers and Recruiters alike. If these protocols are not followed, the chances of you being selected for interview is remote.

Visual CV will help you to create an amazing, Professional CV/Resume as your 'Master CV/Resume', then allow you to 'tweak' it as often as you like creating multiple 'tailored' versions of your Master CV/Resume - all saved under one account - giving you complete control. Once you have used their system to also create your cover letter, you can choose to send a potential Employer a link to your CV/Resume, or download it as a PDF for emailing or printing out. 

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